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Own Facebook like a Landlord!

Do you own a job or do you own a business?

Most people trade time for money. They render services for payment. What they have is a job instead of a business. But what if you someone can show you how to shift the way you make money? Instead of rendering a service, what if you can find a way to translate that into an asset that produces income? Get a better deal out of your business. Unless you start thinking of your business as a perpetual cash machine, you are always at the mercy of the next payday chasing clients and pursuing leads.

Internet marketers have to make the shift from being just marketers to controlling traffic sources. With over 1 billion users, Facebook is a gold mine of a traffic source. Maybe you have even taken advantage of it unconsciously but the inevitable question pops up: now what?

No one has ever taught this before but here are 2 Rock Stars willing to teach you how to crack the code for leasing digital assets with their famous Google Love Method…..but for facebook!!.

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In this webinar join DR Dan and Ben Littlefield Special as they show you how to turn your Facebook into your own virtual real estate empire.

If You Want To:

  • Attract thousands of engaged fans in less than 3 days?
  • Build money grabbing assets in no time?
  • Lease your Facebook assets for tons of money with little to no effort?
  • Automate the process
  • Get your business to leverage your virtual real estate
  • And best of all: RECURRING REVENUE!

Then don’t miss this training!!

Learn how to be an FB Landlord before the night is over. Change the way you do business. by clicking the link below.

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Mass Buyer Recruitment Method Review

Have you ever wondered why your e-mail box is so full of mail from Internet Marketers?

You’ve probably heard of the saying the money is in the list. To a certain extent, this is true.

A lot of people get trapped into building a huge list of freebie seekers who don’t want to buy anything and that becomes pretty hard if you want to make money.

The real deal is in building a buyers list. This is what the Mass Buyer Recruitment Method is all about.

Unlike freebie seekers, buyers buy stuff easily and repeatedly, even from simple email promotions that are easy to write. Many of the Industry’s most respected email marketers have confirmed this.

Nevertheless, building a list has certain obstacles:



Building a buyer’s list takes a lot of traffic and therefore a lot of work.

Even if you have a great sales letter converting 10% of visitors to buyers, you still need 1000 targeted visitors to build a buyer list of 100 and you need 10,000 visitors to build a buyer’s list of just 1000. You could use PPC, SEO and use affiliates but it will take time and effort to get this right and start seeing any real list growth and income.



This is a huge obstacle for 99% of people.

Most people don’t want to create their own product. Finding the time to sit down and produce something that you can sell can be pretty daunting.

Before you raise your hands and throw in the towel, there is actually a way of building a list without having to sell your own product.

No shams or illegal buying of lists, paying for leads or spam. It’s legal and it’s free.

Introducing, the Mass Buyer Recruitment Method. This is a No B.S. high impact training module.

This training module teaches you

• How to get your own list of buyers incredibly fast and so easily;
• How to make your list without having to sell a product
• How to do this without needing to generate your own traffic so you need zero skills in PPC, SEO, Facebook and banners
• How to start doing this with basically no money to invest.

This method is dead simple and the rawest IM newbie could pull this off and start seeing results within hours if they put in the work.

(Yes, you need to do the work to achieve your results.)

Imagine that, a list of buyers without having to sell anything that has an opt in rate of 884% faster than the traditional methods. It’s simple to achieve and the method is not a fluke – it even scales!

Once you got your list, you can pull down great pay days like clockwork just by sending a simple easy e-mail promoting a nice affiliate product.

Try this method and see this game changer make wonderful changes to your bottom line.

Check out the Mass Buyer Recruitment Method and this can be your entire business model and perhaps all you will need to do to build a responsive buyers list!

Watch the video here:



Make Money Doing Webinars – And Lots of It!!

Make Money Doing Webinars – The Right Way!


To date, the world’s top internet marketers are selling their products through webinar presentations.


Webinars allow you to broadcast your message to a live audience and has a high reported conversion rate.

Hosting a live webinar, however, has 4 major drawbacks:

• You need to be online to host the event
• There are technical issues that could go wrong
• You have to speak to a live audience
• If you plan on conducting multiple sessions, conducting webinars can be expensive and fees could amount to as much as $500 a month

Here’s the answer to the webinar problem…

Aware of the major drawbacks of hosting live webinars, Mike Filsaime developed the
Evergreen Business System Automated Webinar Generator.

To date, this product earns him $21,000 USD a day.

The automated webinar generator can pick up any video previously recorded in advance and presents it to a live audience in such a way that it will look like a live broadcast in real time.

Simply record your video presentation in advance, configure the script of the webinar generator so that it automates the whole process and let the software do miracles for you.

The Evergreen Business System software features:

AUTOMATE YOUR WEBINARS – Schedule your webinar any day you want. You can even set out block dates like Christmas and New Year’s Eve to make it more realistic. You can eliminate short notice by blocking certain days directing the visitor to the next available schedule of your webinar.

WEBINAR REGISTRATION PAGE – This point and click feature has a variety of templates to choose from that can be customized and made compatible with Facebook where you can advertise and even embed your webinar straight on your own Facebook page.

SPLIT TESTING FEATURE – Sometimes you don’t know which design is the best for your webinar registration page. This feature allows you to rotate multiple test designs evenly. You may need to test different designs until you figure out which one scores a higher registration rate.

SMS ALERT FEATURE – This feature allows your visitors to be notified through SMS minutes before the webinar actually begins. These text messages can be sent anywhere in the world!

PHONE CALL ALERTS – This feature is similar to the SMS alert but works with an actual phone. The system can call the registrant using a pre-recorded voice message reminding him of the webinar schedule.

REGISTRATION THANK YOU PAGE – After visitors register to your webinar, they are directed to a thank you page which has a built in video. It will instruct them about the details of the webinar, how to proceed and will even allow them to promote the video via their social media site.

VIRAL REFERRER SCRIPT – This allows the visitor to share the webinar through his social media before they can avail of your free offer. This means viral traffic to your site!

~ And much much more….

Click here to find out more about how to make money doing webinars – Make Passive Income!!

Brittany Lynch Adwords Training

“How to run an ad campaign that can generate thousands of dollars while you vacation in some deserted beach sipping pina colada.”

If you can bottle a sure fire technique to generate quality traffic, it would sell like hotcakes for the price you dream of. Traffic conversion is a hot topic among internet marketers and there is a bustling trade on this niche alone. But how can you tell which strategy will work for you without wasting your time or money?


Listen to someone who has done it before multiple times in multiple niches.


Click here to see the Brittany Lynch Adwords Training Webinar


While you may wonder if this is indeed possible, Brittany Lynch, a former google employee, has decided to go public on her own tried and tested method of traffic conversion: how to run an ad campaign that can generate passive income while you vacation on some deserted beach sipping a pina colada.

Brittany was once an employee of Google working the 9 to 5 grind. The pay was great but she didn’t have the time to enjoy herself. She was tired and working herself to death.

If you are anything like her, you would know what it means to work 40 to 60 hours a week with the occasional vacation that had to be kept short or get fired. But during her stint at Google, however, Brittany learned first hand what effective techniques were used by many fortune 500 companies to increase their sales.

Fortunately for us, Brittany got tired of living like a hamster. She left google and now willingly shares her trade secrets to any one willing to listen.

In this free webinar, Brittany reveals

• The nature of traffic and how to take advantage of it so that it converts.
• her proven method of earning thousands of dollars every month
• why paid traffic is better than free traffic
• why you need a portfolio of traffic resources
• how to design a squeeze page (that can be used in any niche!) that will keep google happy
• On demand traffic you can use for any niche.

Sweet isn’t it?

HOWEVER, this webinar is NOT for everyone. This is not a get rich quick scheme.


• If you’re serious in getting traffic to your website
• If you can take action and follow through
• If you want to build a large mailing list, quickly and generate traffic on demand to profit in the long run…


CLICK HERE to watch the webinar training by Brittany Lynch


Tony Laidig – Passive Profits with Photos

Turn Your Digital Camera into an ATM Machine

Click Here To Take Advantage of this Offer


Can You really make money from photographs?

How many quality money making products can you create in 5 minutes?

No product on the market today can create money in 5 minutes except a digital camera! You can take hundreds of pictures and enjoy them if you like, but you can also turn it into a profitable money making venture.

There is a huge demand for all kinds of quality photographs and people are willing to pay for them. When you’re in marketing, you need photos for everything:  images for your book covers, for your products and even for your web blogs!

In this free webinar, discover how getting great pictures is easier than you think. And you don’t even need to have a better “eye” to achieve your desired results!

Meet veteran photographer of 30 years, Tony Laidig and discover how he learned to take professional looking photographs that sells.

In this free webinar let Tony show YOU:

•       How to capture moments the way we remember them
•       Subject and market strategies you can use to profit from your camera
•       How to determine the best type of photographs to shoot for stock sites
•       What photographs  NOT to shoot
•       Gear recommendations and theme examples
•       AND a lot more!

Unleash your camera’s full potential! Stop making excuses that prevent you from profiting!

Go for it and create your very own cash cow TODAY.

Tony Laidig is the real deal – see his work in his Etsy Store



How to Build a Six Figure Business Marketing to Doctors and Outsourcing

The secret to making a six figure bottom line is to cater to businesses who sell services to clients that make thousands of dollars. These businesses have money. They don’t require too many clients in order to justify the costs allowing YOU to charge according to your value.

The medical business is the niche that falls nicely into this category!!

The medical business is a billion dollar industry that is not necessarily exclusive to medical practitioners. There are certain kinds of medical services that are continually outsourced and thousands of dollars are made annually by simply catering to this lucrative niche!

Join Jeff Smith in this free webinar and discover:

• How his system built a six figure business income  helping doctors get new patients in less than 90 days (which you can easily have too!)

• How to close up 90 percent of business prospects

• Plus other no B.S. tactics in how to sell to doctors

Jeff has no medical background whatsoever. But this did not stop him from being successful in building his business.

Learn how to sell doctors – they are the ones making all the money – so get a piece of the action!!

(Video will start about 30 seconds in)
Click Here to take Advantage of this Offer

Melanie Duncan Pinterest Webinar


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How to use PINTEREST to Get Maximum Exposure, Quality Traffic and Plenty of Money

Are you struggling to effectively market your business?

Specific strategies that guarantee the largest amount of impact in the shortest possible time, while successfully integrating social networking sites, is the best solution for your business.

With so many platforms to choose from, being overwhelmed by social media is a common problem among entrepreneurs. Having to learn something over again is time consuming and you don’t know if people are willing to embrace the change you just implemented.

If you are at a loss as to how to get quality consistent traffic, join Melanie Duncan in this free webinar on  PINTEREST marketing, in this free webinar as she reveals how to use and take advantage of the social networking site PINTEREST: The virtual pin board that allows users to pull information while at the same time seeing what inspires others in terms of information and images.

Melanie Duncan is founder of Entrepreneur Academy and an International award winning speaker!

In this free training, let Melanie reveal to you:

• How PINTEREST can drive traffic to your site!

• How PINTEREST can improve your SEO!

• Why PINTEREST should be your platform of choice!

Experts now say that PINTEREST has 10 million unique visitors, edging out any other independent website in history. It now drives more traffic to websites than You tube, Google and Linked in combined! It also has 10 million Facebook connected users giving it the ability to integrate seamlessly two of social media’s largest platform.

Forget social platforms that don’t work for you and your business.

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Mike Filsaime Webinar


How To Start an Online Business with No Technical Skills

Technology is the biggest time-intensive beast in your on line business.

Unless you’re a programmer who knows software language, trying to figure things out on your own will take up all your time and give you misinformation overload. Yes, learning things that aren’t suitable for you or your business costing you time and money. These precious resources could have been spent in more important aspects of your business.

Nothing moves without a sale and you can’t have a sale when you’re too busy solving something you have no idea how to address.

Chances are, trying to solve it on your own will discourage you from ever pursuing your dreams of building your online business WHEN ALL YOU NEED is technology that can solve all your problems.

When you’re ready to give up at this point, join Mike Filsaime in this free webinar as he shows you HOW TO SOLVE your technology problem WITH NO TECHNICAL SKILLS whatsoever.

Let Mike show you how you can have LESS of:

• team
• cost
• self-hosting
• anything that you have to maintain and keep your eye on (especially the things that keep you up at night…)

And MORE of

• WORRY-FREE PROCESS that translates into more time to spend on running your business than fixing it.

If you’re tired of trying all the fancy new things thrown at you THAT DON’T WORK let this solution do the heavy lifting for you and start living a simple organized life today.

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Tim Castleman – Get Offline Clients From Home


Every internet marketers dream is to get clients without leaving the comforts of their home.  They want to get clients sitting around in their underwear. They want to get clients without moving an inch! 
Well, Tim has figured out how to do that…….

Go for the easy kill; make a killing with offline marketing

Some marketers can close a sale for half the time while others spend all their resources JUST TRYING TO GET A CLIENT. Truth is less is more and we don’t have an infinite amount of time, energy and money to devote running after clients who may not even buy.

If you are dead tired of the whole process, finding some focus in your efforts can bring you a long way to reaching your goal.

In this free webinar training, let Tim Castleman share his secrets with you in how to efficiently use Offline marketing without ever leaving the comforts of your home.

Mastering these tips will give you:

• Great money
• Require very little skill
• Empower you to live the life style you want.

If you want to convert that prospect into a sale, click on this free webinar and start earning today!

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